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citric acid dingyu company in guatemala

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citric acid dingyu company in guatemala       citric acid dingyu company in guatemala

Over 20 years of experience, we are the trusted suppliers and manufacturers for citric acid monohydrat producer . Furthermore, we have built a large infrastructure base that allows us the ability to manufacture each product with precision and perfection.

To provide in-time service, we have set up several marketing & after selling service centers for polyacrylamide for concrete factory , e.g.Turkey,Russia,Vietnam,Brazil,Czech Republic,Iran, etc. We think it will help you save time. We are here to serve you with superior quality and reliable service!

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We are the supplier, manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler of all types of citric acid 1l Exporters

We bring for our clients a wide array of anionic polyacrylamide cas no 9003 05 8 that are made of good quality,Supported by a team of highly experienced engineers and research professionals, we strive to conquer new milestones in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

citric acid price in thailand Retailor has been the product that we have maintained our position in China's market and achieved great fame. Our advertising and marketing network extends all across China. Over the past 10 years, our company has developed into a multi-function high-volume business with the capabilities to meet the requirements of the hemorroides acid citric Retailor sector.

We are China's largest supplier citric acid monhydrate food grdae for sale Innovation is a constant goal of our management. Through the support and help from all our clients, we are now comprised of groups of technicians,design team and advanced equipment in service. Our company promotes an enterprise spirit that is sincere, unifying, pragmatic, innovative. We pursue the management objective of create fine life and serve the society. We are willing to make friends with vast guests from all quarters, and warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad come to visit and negotiate business with us.

Our company is a specialist in designing, making and exporting each type of citric acid cleaning powder wholesaler . The company occupying a land of 20,000 square meters,have the modernized workshop,the techology excellent engineersand technicians,the best selling team and post-sale service team,with each kind of specialized production equipment and check-out facility,has the strict production management system and quality control system,and has a specialized QC team.

After years of hard working, our company has developed rapidly and has become a leader in the industry. Our products citric acid chelated trace elements producer are extremely popular at home and abroad. We are also among the top-selling companies. Our strength is innovation. We have a team of highly qualified technical and production personnel.

citric acid dingyu company Application Industries

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citric acid dingyu company Specification

Item Weight(%) Item Weight(%)
SiO2 99.7 CaO 0.15
Fe2O3 0.01 MaO2 0.05
Al2O3 0.09    
Product Name 5g Activated Clay Mineral Desiccant for High-end Electronic Components
Material Active Mineral/Clay
Weight 2G/5G/Customizable
Moisture Adsorption/Absorption capacity 8%-15%,above 20%.
OEM&Samples Well accepted
Packing Material Plastic Paper,Composite Paper,Tyvek Paper,etc/Customizable
Package Printing Topcod standard printing or customized,OEM is avilable
Feature High moisture absorption,non-toxic,eco-friendly,cost saving
Application High-end electronic components,glass lens, optical lens instrument industry, medical and health products, biochip industry, etc.
Weight (grams) Size L*W(mm) Packaging (pcs/ctn) Carton size (cm)
1 40*30 20000 45*30*40
2 50*35 10000 45*30*40
3 50*45 6000 45*30*36
5 60*45 4000 45*30*36
10 60*70 2000 45*30*30
20 85*60 1000 45*30*33
25 80*90 800 45*30*30
30 80*97 600 45*30*25
40 80*100 500 45*30*27
50 80*122 400 40*30*25
100 100*135 200 45*30*27
200 140*145 100 45*30*27
250 140*145 100 45*30*27
500 190*200 40 45*30*30
1000 190*205 20 40*30*20

citric acid dingyu company in guatemala For Sale

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